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2018 Australian Grand Prix: Race Highlights


Are you an F1 fan but missed the recent Australian Grand Prix? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are the highlights you need to see.

Like defending champ Lewis Hamilton, we certainly didn’t expect Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel to open the year with a win. Hamilton dominated from pole to lap 20, but somehow, Vettel overtook him.

How Vettel took the lead

Here’s how it happened:

Hamilton pitted on lap 20 to match Kimi Raikkonen’s stop. At that time, Raikkonen was in second place (but finished third). Hamilton then had a lead of over six seconds to Vettel.

However, Ferrari kept Vettel out of the pit. So when Romain Grosjean’s retirement from the race set off the virtual safety car on lap 26, Ferrari took advantage of the cars on track being forced to drive to a slower lap time. This gave them a chance to send Vettel out and take the lead.

Consider that overtaking is tough at Albert Park. Once Vettel went ahead, the best Hamilton could do was pressure his opponent but not much else.

So at that point, all Vettel had to do to win the Australian Grand Prix was maintain his lead. Anti-climactic, yes, but a win is a win.