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A closer look at the upcoming Android P


Google has recently announced Android P. If you haven’t heard, it’s the code name for the ninth version of the Android operating system. Here’s an overview of its upcoming features:

As discussed in the video, most of the updates are under the hood. There doesn’t seem to be any major features coming to the system. Nonetheless, we’re looking forward to the many tweaks.

Some Android P highlights

Here are just some of the updates we’re looking forward to:

  • The improved volume button. It’s now on the side and out of the way (instead of plastered across the top).
  • The ability to attach in line photos and send smart replies while in the notifications area.
  • A temporary rotation lock that lets you rotate the screen on a use-by-use basis, even after locking the rotate option.
  • Improved security. Two features come to mind:
    • Blocking access to the mic, camera, sensors, and apps not currently active. That means no apps can passively listen or turn your camera on in the background.
    • Faking your MAC address when you connect to public Wi-Fi so that you won’t be tracked easily.

So what new Android P features are you excited about?

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