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Boss Basics – Accessories That Every Man Must Own (Part 1)


Trends come and go, but certain accessories and pieces of clothing are not subject to it. These are essential for every man, and with good reason: it’s why Paul Newman, James Dean or Marlon Brando look timeless even today.

So today, we’ve rounded up those things that every man should have in his closet. Here they are, in no order of importance.

Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is an essential piece for men. It’s timeless and versatile (especially with neutral colors) – you can wear it smart casual, sporty, or even for something more formal.

Best of all, any man can wear it year-round, regardless of his body type.


Casual Shirt

A casual shirt is another versatile piece.

Depending on its color and design, casual shirts are suitable on relaxed dates (like going out for coffee), or a night out with your friends.



Here’s something everybody knows: women like a man who smells good. Find a scent you like, then build on that. Beware, however – don’t bathe in your cologne. Spray a little on your chest and the base of your throat and you’re good to go.

Crewneck T-Shirt

A crewneck shirt is a basic fashion staple used in all manner of outfits, from working-class uniforms to everyday classics.

You can wear a crewneck T-shirt on its own or under a jacket. When looking for one, make sure it suitably hugs your body, and that it shouldn’t be skin-tight.


Denim Jacket

The denim jacket used to be for rebellious bad boys. Today, however, it has become an essential yet versatile closet piece.




Brown/Black Dress Shoes

A nice pair of black or brown dress shoes can upgrade any outfit. Go for a pair that you can mix in with any look or combination. Style-wise, an oxford loafer is universal; it works with khakis, jeans, or slacks.

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