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Boss Basics – A Guide to Shining Shoes


Shining shoes like an absolute boss is an important life skill to have for men. There’s always a wedding, client presentation, or some other event to attend. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, however. Wearing shiny shoes sets you apart as a man who knows how to care for himself.

Besides, shoes are a reflection of your style.

Beyond aesthetics, shining shoes is necessary to maintain quality leather footwear. Aside from giving your shoes that pleasant sheen, the polish itself moisturizes and protects the leather. This means your shoes live longer.

Take note that there’s more than one approach to shining shoes. Everyone has their own way. Some use spit; others a lighter which softens the polish, enabling it to seep into the grain of the leather. We won’t get into those.

We stick with no-frills elbow grease. Here’s how it goes:

Step #1: Build your shoe shining kit

It’s nice to have a shoeshine guy you trust but not everyone has that luxury. The next best thing is to do it yourself, and you start by putting together your own kit. Here are the basic items you’ll need:

  • A can of shoe polish
  • Some soft cloth
  • Shoeshine brush
  • Cotton balls
  • Polish applicator brush

Step #2: Set the stage

Look for old towels or newspapers. You’ll use them to cover the area you will be working on. Shoe polish (even the neutral variety) smears easily and can be messy. Good luck cleaning it off your carpet.

And if your shoes have laces, remove them.