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Boss Basics – How to Give Her an Orgasm

How to give a great massage

Let’s get this out of the way: there is no magic step-by-step method on how to give her an orgasm. The one most important piece of advice we can give you is to treat any woman like a completely new mystery to solve.

But while all women are different, there are a few key general points to consider.

Ask her what she wants

Want to know what works for her? Ask. Every woman knows what makes her get there and what doesn’t. Just don’t ask her before or during sex. A suitable time to ask is when you’re both relaxing and enjoying time together.

She’ll tell you if she wants it soft and slow, kinky, rough and hard, or whatever other variation she prefers.

More than one way to get there

You’re not limited to just one way to give her an orgasm. For women, the climax isn’t mechanical or quantitative (unlike for a lot of men).

Women won’t climax unless the conditions are right. By itself, sex won’t likely produce an orgasm because it isn’t usually very effective at stimulating the clitoris.

What women really need is some added attention to the clitoris during foreplay. You can use your fingers while kissing and caressing. Better yet, you can be a gentleman and use your tongue.

Mix it up

Massages help her get there.

Men usually think of intercourse as foreplay (consisting of undressing, a bit of kissing, perhaps some obligatory oral sex or massage of the nipples and breasts) and then penetration.

However, women love it when men mix it up. More importantly, they wish guys paid more attention to quality foreplay because it can drive a woman completely wild.

Thus, take the time for kissing, massaging, caressing and non-penetrative stuff. Doing all of this will turn her on to the point where an orgasm will more likely occur.

Fun fact: women can reach orgasm before sex has even begun.