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Brittney Brannagan looks so good it hurts


What makes Brittney Brannagan different from the average model? Easy. She’s also a photographer before she started posing in front of the camera. This has given Brittney a passion and appreciation for what happens behind and in front of the lens.

Quick Notes on Brittney Brannagan

Name: Brittney Brannagan
Description: Brittney is a model based in Portland, Oregon. Aside from looking incredibly hot wearing skimpy clothes and getting her pictures taken, she's also:

- A photographer.
- Totally into travelling.
- A huge Nirvana fan.
- An avid fighting sports enthusiast. Or used to, until she broke up with UFC fighter Ian McCall.
- A fitness buff. It's no mystery why Brittney looks so good it hurts.


It’s not hard to see why she inevitably became a model. Standing at 5’7″, Brittney’s pretty tall; has long and perfect legs attached a killer body; and she’s an absolute knockout.

Best of all, Brittney Brannagan is also on Instagram. So if you have any appreciation of the female form, make sure you follow her.

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