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Cook Like a Boss – Chicken-Fried Steak



Season the steak with salt and pepper, then cut it into 24 bite-sized pieces.

In a large bowl, place all the batter ingredients then whisk it together.

In a medium-sized bowl, put in the flour and salt, and then mix it together. Dip each piece of steak in this order: the flour, batter, and then into the flour again.

Place about an inch of oil in a tall, heavy skillet/pan. Then heat it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degrees Celsius.

Place each piece of steak in the hot oil (make sure you don’t overcrowd the pan). Cook each side for about 4 minutes, or until it’s golden brown.

Transfer the cooked pieces to a rack and season each with salt. Discard the oil in the pan but leave a tablespoon for the gravy. Add flour, milk, and salt, and then combine the mixture until it’s thick and creamy.

Serve the chicken-fried steak, with the gravy on the side. Enjoy!

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