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The Must-Play Games This Week – FIFA 18 and more reasons to punish your wallet


More video game releases coming your way. After last week’s budget-killing four games, we get four more – and they’re all releasing on Friday, September 29.


There’s nothing quite like Cuphead right now. Sure, it’s not the pioneering shoot-’em-up platformer out there, but it’s certainly the first that uses utterly charming 1930s-style cartoon graphics.

If you’re familiar with the classic Contra, Cuphead plays a lot like it. You run, jump, duck, and shoot in eight directions, although there are a few additional mechanics such as:

  • Cuphead gives you an option to stay in place while shooting.
  • Unlike the one-hit Contra, Cuphead has a four-hit health system.
  • Doing a mid-air jump lets you counter certain attacks, and doing this successfully rewards you a card that allows you to earn back your health.

Cuphead is coming out for the Xbox One and PC.


EA’s football (or soccer) simulation series is back. Here are some of the new features you should watch out for:

  • Teams use different play styles and (e.g. high press defense, tika-taka passing and movement).
  • Better visuals. FIFA 18 uses the Frostbite engine, which provides improved facial and player animations, and more realistic crowds.
  • The players will behave like their real-life counterparts (e.g. Ronaldo’s distinct sprint, the way Sterling turns).

FIFA 18 is coming out for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.