Home News The first-ever Venom trailer finally arrives

The first-ever Venom trailer finally arrives


It’s been a long road for the Venom film, but it’s finally coming. Sony Pictures recently dropped the trailer, which was pretty exciting, but not for the right reasons.

Sadly, there wasn’t any sign of the toothy symbiote in the trailer. What we do get, however, is Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, which is terrific. But there’s a problem: it’s not clear if Venom is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe¬†(MCU).

There’s been a back and forth¬†between studio execs about this issue, but it’s still unclear as of this writing. One thing is clear: if Spidey’s nemesis isn’t part of the MCU, it’s going to be terribly uninteresting just like the trailer, which had no trace of Venom.