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Former Olympian McKayla Maroney just being … herself


McKayla Maroney seems to have deleted her Instagram account, which means you’ll run into an error message when you visit it. She’ll probably return because she’s done this before.

In the meantime, we’ve posted some of our favorite McKayla photos below. Enjoy!

Gymnast McKayla Maroney shot to internet fame back during the 2012 Olympics when she was photographed with her “unimpressed” face after receiving the silver medal for vaulting. Since the photo went viral, McKayla:

  1. Retired from gymnastics.
  2. Took an “unimpressed” photo with Barack Obama.
  3. Got into acting and appeared in several television shows.
  4. Is taking the steps to get into a music career.

A couple of days ago, McKayla Maroney added another layer (or lack of it?) to her reinvention: a steamy 7-second video of her… being herself.

No, McKayla didn’t get hacked. This sexy video is entirely her idea.

And so are these other pictures.










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