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Gear Lust – The 2017 BMW M5


Meet the new BMW M5. It’s the high-performance sibling to the regular 5 Series. It looks like the typical 5 Series, except for a few tweaked parts. The most conspicuous are the front bumper where the lower air intakes are now much larger than the regular model.

The wheel arches are slightly flared on the new M5 to allow for fatter tires and a wider distance between the wheels to improve grip through corners. There are also new creases on the bonnet, and the styling line that runs down the sides now has a vent behind the front wheel with an M5 badge.

The roof uses lightweight carbon fiber materials, reducing the overall weight and lowering the car’s center of gravity. At the back, there’s a small trunk lip spoiler and four large exhaust tips that flank a black diffuser. Clearly, this this is no mid-range 520d.

The interiors

The regular 5 Series interiors are already quite fancy so there wasn’t a lot BMW could do to improve it further. You might see a few red accents that are unique to the M5. This includes the red engine start button and the red M1 and M2 thumb buttons on the steering wheel that let you choose from two vehicle setups.