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Gear Lust – Essential Gadgets Every Man Must Own (Part 1)


There are countless gadgets out there. Many are useless, some are great to have, while others are an absolute necessity. For the next couple of weeks, we will focus on these necessities, which we think every man should have in this day and age.

Think of our list below as useful gift ideas for yourself, your dad, uncle, son, or buddy.


Today, it’s not enough to simply use a regular cellular phone. You need one that can also store information, send and receive e-mail, edit documents, and use a mobile phone, while on the go.

Not sure how to get to your destination? Use a GPS navigation program. Need a ride someplace? Use a ride-sharing service. Looking for a way to share files with colleagues while you’re outside the office? There’s an app for that. The common denominator for all these functions: a smartphone.

Don’t be that guy who’s actually proud of not owning a smartphone for some misguided, antiquated reason. If you want to be a productive member of society, you need one.


Your smartphone can also tell the time, but you’ll still need a watch. Why? Here are a few practical reasons.

  • A handsome watch is a great accessory that ups your style.
  • It’s more convenient to flick your wrist and look at your watch, than to pull out your phone, unlock the screen, and look at the time. Especially when you’re driving.
  • It’s rude to frequently check your phone. It’s easier to check your watch on the sly.
  • If your phone powers down within the day, you won’t be able to tell the time. This is why professionals like pilots and soldiers always wear regular (i.e. non-smartwatch) watches.
  • A smartphone can distract you. A regular watch that just tells the time won’t.

Electric toothbrush

Sure, you can use a manual toothbrush, but according to a Consumer Reports study, electric toothbrushes reduced dental plaque by 21% more and gingivitis by 11% more after three months of use.

It’s especially useful if you have arthritis or some other physical condition that makes thorough brushing a bit more difficult.