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Gear Lust – Essential Gadgets Every Man Must Own (Part 1)


Noise-cancelling headphones

As their name suggests, these gadgets minimize unwanted ambient sounds. You need them because:

  • They block most sounds from your surroundings.
  • Your music’s volume doesn’t need to be as high.
  • They’re far better than regular headphones

Power bank

As smartphones become larger and get more vivid screens, they consume even more power than ever before. The result? Your gadgets can run out of juice in the middle of the day, and you wouldn’t want that.

Sure, you can bring your phone’s charger, but there’s no assurance you’ll find a wall outlet you can use.

Enter the power bank, which charges your phone through a USB port. Having one with you means your device will survive the day. All you need is a USB cable to plug your phone and power bank together, and you’re set.

Fitness tracker

If you haven’t heard, a fitness/activity tracker measures your calorie consumption, heartbeat, and distance traveled on foot. Interestingly, knowing these details can actually motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle, so having one has become a necessity for many.

It can double as a watch, but because of its sporty appearance, it won’t necessarily match certain outfits.

Flash drive

Sure, there are cloud services that let you transfer and synchronize files between computers and wireless devices, but having a flash drive is always useful. Why? Because the files might be huge, and your internet access isn’t particularly fast – if you have any at all.