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Gear Lust – Essential Gadgets Every Man Must Own (Part 2)


Gadgets can generally be divided into three groups: the useless, the great to have, and the essentials. Last week, we discussed the first batch of absolute necessities that we think every man should have. Today, we talk about the rest.

Think of our list below as useful gift ideas for yourself, your dad, uncle, son, or buddy.


Like smartphones, laptops have become an essential productivity tool. They’re portable, versatile, powerful, and far easier to use for data entry and manipulation compared to smartphones.

Can you imagine typing a 1,200-word report on a smartphone? Protip: don’t.¬†Furthermore, compared to the prices of flagship smartphones these days, a regular laptop is usually (and surprisingly) cheaper.


Can you imagine not having a TV? We couldn’t either. Despite the existence of portable devices for media consumption, reclining on a couch in front of a TV is arguably still the best way to watch a Netflix show.

If you can help it, aim for a 4K television. The jump in clarity is quite astounding, especially when compared to 1080p HDTVs.

Home speakers

Your 4K TV may look stunning, but its audio is no match for quality home speakers, which should give your viewing pleasure a huge boost.

But don’t settle for regular speakers; having wireless speakers means you can put it anywhere in your home without the messy cables. Your home’s sound system will never be the same.