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Gear Lust – Essential Gadgets Every Man Must Own (Part 2)


External hard drive

While useful, USB drives will eventually fail. Oddly enough, those that do contain all your important files, videos, photos, and music. To avoid these situations, make sure you have them on an external hard drive.

Compared to flash drives, an external hard drive can store more data, and they won’t fail as easily. See to it, however, that you back up your data. And look for one with a larger capacity than your computer’s so that you can back everything up, and then some.

Multi-socket extension cord

Whether you work from a coffee shop or your own living room, make sure you have a multi-socket extension cord so that you can turn one open outlet into several.

For best results, look for one with USB charging ports, which let you charge your smartphone as well.


Because we haven’t really become completely paperless just yet.

Wireless router

A wireless router is a must for your home network. Without it, your TV, smartphone, laptop, and other smart devices won’t be able to wirelessly access the internet easily.