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Gear Lust – The Nokia 8 flagship smartphone is here


If you’ve been hankering for a high-end Nokia Android smartphone, your wait is finally over: the Nokia 8 is the top-of-the-line device of Finnish firm HMD. Nokia’s first Android flagship is primarily designed to be a storytelling device. How so?

On the outside, it looks a lot like Nokia 5, except its thinner profile and more rounded backside that fits comfortably in the hands. It both feels and looks like a premium phone.


The Nokia 8 is built to be tough with a Gorilla Glass 5 screen and a sculpted aluminum unibody. HMD is proud to point out that they moved the antenna bands to the top and bottom of the device to ensure a clean and uninterrupted design, and improved reception.

The device is also very thin, from 7.3mm to 4.6 at its thinnest point.

The Nokia 8 has a quality shooter

The Nokia 8 isn’t the flashiest of flagship phones but packs quite a punch. Its standout feature is dual cameras which are co-engineered with optics expert Zeiss. Neither are they wide-angle or zoom lens; Nokia and Zeiss put two identical cameras and sensors on the rear of the device.