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Gear Lust – Sexiest Cologne for Men (According to Women)


Here’s a philosophical question: why do you wear cologne? Highly likely it’s to attract the opposite sex. That’s because scent leaves a lasting impression and has the power to turn people on, especially when you use a fragrance that she likes.

It’s one of those (nearly) instant ways to become more attractive.

Finding the right scent isn’t easy, however. For starters, there’s so many to choose from. More importantly, you have to pick one that women actually like.

But fret not, we got you covered. We’ve simplified the process by showing you the top 7 options (in no particular order) which are making women swoon right now. BecauseĀ they told us.

YSL L’Homme Ultime

This cologne perfectly balances spicy (ginger), woody (cedar), and citrusy (grapefruit). There’s even some rose, cardamom, sage, and apple thrown in there for extra measure. The result is a light, summer-like fragrance.

As its smell suggests, Ultime is perfect during the summer months, although you shouldn’t let that stop you from wearing it for any occasion.

Creed Aventus

Aventus is inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte. In fact, the fragrance uses ingredients associated with the historic French statesman. For instance, it uses blackcurrant (from Corsica, his birthplace) and ambergris (from the ocean, which is a nod to his naval might).

The scent is the most expensive on this list, but it’s certainly worth the price: women love it, and one spray lasts around 12 hours. Aventus is best worn if you want to get noticed or make a good impression, like on dates.

Versace Eros

If you’re familiar with Greek mythology, Eros is the god of sexual attraction. When women get a whiff of this Versace fragrance, it’s easy to see why it’s named as such: Eros smells like sheer virility.

The top notes are a blend of vanilla, mint, tonka beans, cedar, and green apple, among others. Versace could change the scent’s name to Compliment Magnet, but it’s not as catchy.