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Gear Lust – The 2017 Maserati Levante



It’s what you’d expect from a Maserati. The interiors are luxurious and accentuated by an abundance of soft leather. The center console is a considerable improvement on what Maserati previously had. Its larger, higher-definition touchscreen reacts quickly to inputs. Plus, there’s a rotary controller which serves as another input method.

The ride is graceful and handles rough spots pretty well if you raise the air springs a notch. It adequately mutes the road and wind noise as well, making the experience even more comfortable. In terms of build quality, the Levante is an improvement compared to other vehicles made by the Italian carmaker.

Is the Maserati Levante worth the (minimum) $72,600 price tag? If money isn’t an object, yes. At this size, performance, and convenience, the Levante is quite unique. But if the price is beyond your means, then simply sigh and lust over it like the rest of us.