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Gear Lust – The 2018 Kia Stinger GT


The rear-drive 2018 Stinger GT sports sedan is probably the highest-performance Kia right now.

It comes in five variants. Our favorite is the twin-turbocharged GT model with a 3.3-liter V6 and rear-wheel drive. Why? Because it comes with all the muscle without the extra cost.

Kia worked hard to get the Stinger GT close to 50/50 weight distribution, but it’s still a bit heavy due to platform sharing. It would be nice if Kia trims the weight by at least 200 pounds. To make up for this, the GT comes with excellent Brembo brakes.


The Stinger GT body emphasizes the performance of the engine and the chassis underneath. Kia also gave serious thought to how the vehicle looks and it shows. The car stands out visually with a number of distinct features:

  • The grill uses Kia’s distinctive “tiger nose” design.
  • Below the grill, it’s all intercooler for the car’s twin turbos.
  • The (non-functioning) vents on the hood look like those in a Camaro 1LE.
  • The GT3-like side vents are real though. These vent air out of the wheel for cooling and less lift.
  • The Stinger GT’s side view is long and low.
  • A character line that runs from the front fender to the back.
  • The taillights are reminiscent of an FD-RX7.
  • Four large tailpipes at the rear.
  • The car is a hatchback.