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Gear Lust – The 2018 Kia Stinger GT



Here are the basics: the Stinger GT has a powerful engine, complimented by strong brakes, and a soft suspension. It’s no track car, but it’s certainly a good sports sedan.

The car has great steering response, even when cornering. It goes into a strong understeer but balances nicely under power as it exits the bend.

As for the twin turbo V6, it’s nothing short of impressive. It has a lot of torque; it doesn’t rev real high but on the road, it has minimal lag and enough power to spin the tires – even in third gear at low revs.

The Brembo brakes hold up really well despite the Stinger GT’s weight. They’re actually quite powerful and consistent. There’s no fade so you’ll feel confident when you step on them.

Sport and manual mode

If we have one performance nitpick, it’s this: when we tried the car’s sport mode out on the track, we noticed that the eight-speed automatic transmission isn’t calibrated for this sort of driving. Not that it’s a deal breaker or anything.

But when we tried the manual mode, it’s surprisingly good. Take note it’s not a full-on manual (it’ll upshift) but the downshifts are quick with a nice rev match.


The Stinger is more of a comfy GT than a badass track car, but it’s really hard to find fault in it. The Stinger GT is a far more focused performance vehicle than anything anyone ever expected from the carmaker. Especially at this price.