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Gear Lust – The Top 10 Hiking Shoes Right Now (Part 1)



Three things you need to know about this shoe:

  • With thick soles and excellent support; and light, breathable leather, it’s the most comfortable hiking shoe right now.
  • Traction is good enough for easy to moderate trails (but not for rough terrain).
  • It’s a bit expensive at $159.95.

It’s certainly a joy to wear. Just be ready to spend more if you want it.

Keen Targhee II

The Targhee II has excellent support and stability, especially when you consider that it’s a low-cut hiking shoe. It’s also comfy (check out that wide forefoot) and has outstanding toe protection. Not bad for $125.

That said, it feels a bit heavy and its waterproofing isn’t particularly impregnable. Still, if you’re looking for a quality pair of hiking shoes, the Targhee II is currently right up there among the greats.

Altra Lone Peak 3.5

Earlier this summer, Altra released the 3.5 version of its Lone Peak trail-running shoe. For $120, it’s tough and perfect for trail use, super lightweight, and has great cushioning and traction.

But again, it’s a trail-running shoe, so it’s not great for hiking. It’s not that comfy on long, arduous climbs, and has less foot protection. And if you have narrow shoes, look someplace else. This thing has a wide fit.