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Gear Lust – The Top 10 Hiking Shoes Right Now (Part 2)


So you enjoy backpacking, but you find the idea of spending over $100 on hiking shoes scary. Fret not; we tested a mind-boggling number of hiking shoes (probably over 50 models) for hundreds of miles.

We looked at how each shoe performed on various surfaces, and their waterproofing ability and overall comfort. After recording our findings, we’ve picked the 10 of what we think are the best of the bunch right now, in no particular order.

Last week, we brought you the first installment. Below is the second of two parts.

Salomon X Ultra 2

It’s hands down the best shoe in hiking. The $120 Salomon X Ultra 2 is incredibly light, durable, and essentially watertight. Go ahead, give it a plunge; it should be good even in 4.75 inches of water.

The lightweight construction comes at a price though: even with shoe’s rubber toecap, you’ll still feel rough trails under your feet a bit more compared to its stiffer rivals.

Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof

If you prefer hiking on moderate and easy trails, Merrell’s $120 Moab 2 Waterproof should do just fine. It’s lightweight, comfortable (particularly its cushioning), and warm, making it perfect for hikes during cold days.

However, the shoe isn’t suitable for backpacking and rough terrain. It’s waterproof, but plunging it in H2O for over two minutes will lead to leaks. Nonetheless, the shoe provides great value so it’s a good choice.