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Gear Lust – The Top 10 Hiking Shoes Right Now (Part 2)


Adidas Outdoor Terrex Fast R GTX

The Terrex is a handsome shoe. More importantly, it’s lightweight, highly stable, durable, and capable. We think it’s nearly perfect as a hiking or trail running shoe.

There’s just one catch: it’s really expensive at $185.

The North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX

Despite being designed for fastpacking (i.e. running + backpacking), this shoe is generally better suited for hiking. It has good support, waterproofing, comfort, and stability.

The shoe’s use of mesh and leather materials makes it pretty durable as well. The $120 tag isn’t bad, but take note that there are better-performing shoes at this price point.

Lowa Renegade GTX Low

It may look like a regular hiking shoe, but the Renegade GTX Low has some things happening under the hood. There’s a polyurethane frame that gives it excellent stability, and its upper materials are completely made of leather.

Unfortunately, these details may also be why the shoe costs $210. Make no mistake, the Renegade GTX Low is a great pair, but it’s restrictively expensive.