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Gear Lust – We take the 2018 Ford Mustang out for a spin



The Mustang’s interior uses quality materials and the usual flourishes that come in pony cars, but it’s all done without going overboard. Most buttons and levers on the dashboard are straightforward to use and feel well crafted. The toggle switches feel rather flimsy though.

The price we pay for a handsome, sporty car comes in a number of little annoyances. For instance:

  • The doors are rather long, making them awkward to open in tight areas.
  • Getting to the backseat is quite a chore.
  • The Recaro seats’ side bolsters require extra effort to get past.
  • The interior feels a bit claustrophobic as well, thanks to its high beltline.

Fortunately, the Mustang’s front seats accommodate all shapes and sizes, and they’re not as low as its pony car competitors. And even with its the high beltline, the car still has good visibility due to its adequately sized windshield pillars and wide rear glass. The result: an excellent rear view.


The standard GT suspension is more flexible than the Performance variant’s. If you dig the Ford Mustang because of its performance, you’ll probably find it adequately comfortable.

Our test car came with Recaro seats, which provide great lateral support and comfort for long drives. We wish, however, that it had more adjustability settings. The backseat is pretty uncomfortable mainly because of the rear glass and low roof.

Despite the Ford Mustang’s huge 20-inch tires, road and wind noise is mostly kept under control. The V8 has this gentle purr that can be heard through the firewall, but we found it comforting. Especially during long trips.


Minor quibbles aside, the 2018 Ford Mustang offers a great bargain for a sports/performance car. The 2.3-liter Coupe Premiums cost upwards of $31,500, while the GT Coupe Premiums start at $39,995.

Now compare this with the new car average price of $31,400 (as of Q1 2017). Yes, we’re sold.