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Gear Lust – Why get a PS Vita in 2018?


The Nintendo Switch may currently be the darling of portable gaming enthusiasts, but let’s not forget about Sony’s PS Vita. Yes, it’s a relatively old system (it came out in 2011), but there are still several convincing reasons to own one in 2018.

Here are ours.

It’s much more affordable now

Because video games are increasingly going digital and retailers are heavily discounting its physical counterparts, there isn’t a better time to own a Vita.

Many U.S. retailers are selling PS Vita games and memory cards at affordable prices. Walmart, Target, and other retails hold clearance sales and sell games at a fraction of their original price.

In Amazon, for instance, you can buy a Vita with a variety of colors to choose from. Its prices currently range between $189 to $219.

And remember then previously expensive memory cards? The 16GB variant now costs only $38.50 to $42.99. For reference, they used to be sold $69.99.

The PS Plus is still a great deal

If you also own a PlayStation 3 or 4 and have a PS Plus subscription, you get the following benefits:

  • 10GB of cloud storage for game saves.
  • Online multiplayer access for your PS4.
  • PS Store discounts across all platforms.
  • 2 PS4 games, 2 PS3 games, and 2 PS Vita games per month.

This means you get 24 games per year, and 72 total games for all three systems. And while these games aren’t strictly free (you pay a subscription), the amount you spend is smaller compared to buying the games separately. Good thing the quality of monthly games have gone up since the PS Plus price hike.

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