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Gear Lust – Why get a PS Vita in 2018?


Remote Play

The PS Vita’s integration with the PS4 via Remote Play is a really nifty feature. This lets you play PS4 games on your Vita while on the go. Of course, you’ll need decent upload and download speeds.

There’s one quirk, however: the controls take a little getting used to. That’s because the Vita doesn’t have a number of buttons (i.e. L2/R2, L3/R3). The missing buttons are remapped to the handheld’s back touch pad or sometimes the bottom corners of the front touchscreen.

The PlayStation community

The Vita has a devoted following. How devoted? There are handheld owners so hardcore that they:

  1. Go to Japan.
  2. Take orders from other members of the community.
  3. Buy said items from Japan.
  4. Ship them to their respective buyers.

These fans do this for a system that’s largely considered a commercial failure. That’s love. More importantly, it’s great to be part of such a community because their collective knowledge is a great resource to have.

The number of great games is staggering

The PS Vita has been out for a little over seven year now. Since its release, it has amassed a wide library of quality titles. This is the main reason to own a Vita.

While Vita titles are mostly from Western indie devs and large third-party Japanese game companies these days, the system still has so many excellent games to choose from.

The Vita library currently consists of over 1,400 games made exclusively for the system. Now add the PS1 and PSP classics available on the PlayStation Store. It would take a really long time to go through all of them.

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