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How In-Glass Fingerprint Sensors Work in Smartphones


Fingerprint sensors are a technological marvel. They capture your fingerprint’s valleys and ridges, then store the digital image in your smartphone. Whenever you press the corresponding digit onto the scanner, your smartphone verifies the information and unlocks if they match.

But there’s a hitch: these days, the bezels around phones get smaller and smaller. Where do we move the fingerprint sensors? Phone companies typically put it on the back of the phone or its sides.

MKBHD explains

Or you can put the sensor underneath the display glass. MKBHD talks about how this works:

Considering that this fingerprint sensor is on its first iteration, the performance is already pretty impressive. Expect it to be even faster in future versions.

Better yet, the sensor could occupy the entire screen. This would allow you to unlock your phone from anywhere on its all-screen display.

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