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Imogen Lehtonen is a face-meltingly hot rock and roll badass


Rolling Stone proclaims Imogen Lehtonen as an ambassador for women who ride motorcycles. It is, however, tricky to describe her in one phrase or sentence. Where to begin?

Quick Notes on Imogen Lehtonen

Name: Imogen Lehtonen
Description: Imogen is:
- a professional silversmith. She runs the L.A. branch of The Great Frog, a legendary jewelry company.
- a lifelong biker.
- a model.
- face-meltingly hot.
- a total badass.


It’s all rock and roll

Imogen’s family founded The Great Frog, which is most famous for pioneering skull rings. The Frog’s creations are worn by rock and metal legends such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Motörhead, and Guns N’ Roses.

“For 45 years, our family has been handcrafting jewelry that bikers would want to wear,” she says. “It’s all rock and roll.”

Imogen the model

Imogen Lehtonen was born in London, raised in New Zealand, and settled in Los Angeles. She learned her craft in the attic of her family’s London shop and today spends her days working with her hands, grinding metals, using torches, and creating skull-infused wonders.

Imogen’s stint in modeling started when photographer Markus Cuff discovered her at a Born Free motorcycle show. Markus wanted to shoot her for Tattoo Magazine; Imogen first declined but eventually agreed.

Since then, Imogen has also been featured in Dice Magazine and Cycle Source Magazine, and modeled for Sailor Jerry Rum, 5-Ball Racing Leathers, a Harley-Davidson apparel catalog, and Overthrow, among others.

It’s certainly easy to see why Imogen Lehtonen gets a lot of attention. She’s gorgeous and immensely talented. Check out her Instagram account and see for yourself.

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