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How To Crush Your Next Internet Speed Test With Google

Crush Your Next Internet Speed Test With Google 5 | Boss Royal

One of the biggest questions today is how to increase your internet speed after taking that pesky speed test. Whether it be wireless, or hardwired, we all want to get the best bang for our buck. We have a nifty trick for you that will help you with any speed test, thanks to Google.

We use internet in various ways to browse, stream online videos and download content. We depend on getting high internet speed and download speed from our broadband connection. However, just relying on this connection may not do the trick.

This is where Google comes into play. Changing your computer’s DNS settings to Google’s public DNS will help you to increase speed of your broadband internet connection! Why does this work? Well, your computer is actually set to the standard Internet Service Provider DNS settings, which honestly aint that fast! Change these settings to Google’s DNS, voila! You’ll be watching YouTube videos, and streaming Netflix faster than ever!

Google’s Instructions Can Be Found Here

When You’re Done…Use This Speed Test To Check Your Results!

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