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Instababe of the Week: Hailey Clauson


This is Hailey Clauson. She’s a statuesque 5’11 stunner who gets paid to look gorgeous and walk down the catwalk. Hailey isn’t just another model, however. She’s a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Quick Notes on Hailey Clauson

Name: Hailey Clauson
Description: Here are a few interesting facts about Hailey. She:

- Attended her first concert (Britney Spears') when she was 5.
- Started modeling (at age 14) before she had her first kiss (at age 16).
- Loves sushi. And roller coasters. But probably not at the same time.
- Listens to gangsta rap.
- Enjoys going to crazy warehouse parties.

There’s a really good reason why Sports Illustrated has featured Hailey Clauson several times now. She looks terrific in a swimsuit.

Instagram highlights

The best part? We don’t even have to wait for her next SI spread. Hailey is active on Instagram and she keeps churning out some of the most face-melting photos this side of the internet. Check out some of our favorites:

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