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Lazy Sundaze – Techniques to Get Better at Forming New Habits


For many who started the year with great aspirations and goals of creating new habits, it’s coming to the time of year when lots of people start to falter on their new habits.

That’s completely normal, but we can do better.

We can figure out how to overcome the difficulties that often plague our habit-changing attempts:

  • We delay starting on the habit.
  • Our minds start to rebel from the tediousness of sticking to a plan.
  • We rationalize not doing the habit.

With those very common obstacles in mind, I’m going to share three powerful techniques for overcoming them. They take effort to implement, but you got this!

Here are the techniques:

Focus on just starting

Set a trigger when you’re going to do the habit each day – let’s say you’re going to meditate when you wake up, or work out when you get home, or read during your lunch break. When the time comes to do the habit (the trigger happens), just launch into doing the habit, without delay.

Focus on getting good at this skill of starting. When the trigger happens, have a reminder note nearby that says, “Just start.” Lower the barrier to doing the habit by making it smaller (just meditate for a minute or two), create barriers to doing your usual distractions, and just take the smallest first step.

You’re going to practice getting good at starting, every day. If you master this, you’ll also get a lot better at not procrastinating with other stuff!