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Must-Play Game This Week – Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Sandbox gameplay

Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers a tremendous amount of freedom.

You get a tremendous degree of freedom on how to complete missions. Planning a castle assault? To gain an edge, you can sneak in, poison your foes, burn their arrows, or choke a few in their sleep. And outside a few certain enemies, you can actually play through the game without killing anyone.

Classless RPG system

You don’t have to pick what type of character you’ll be from a menu. Instead, you can customize your skills and grow them depending on what you do and say.

Conversations have weight

Remember how other RPGs let you respond to conversations whenever you want? You can take your time and make coffee in the meantime. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you’re given a limited amount of time to respond to conversations.

And how you answer will affect your relationships with others. Your decisions affect your reputation and the game world in general.

For instance, if you ask your commanding officer for too many troops for an upcoming battle, you leave villages unprotected and one of them gets razed.

Smart(er) AI

You’ve probably heard this before: a developer says their game has great artificial intelligence but it fails to impress. Warhorse Studios are making similar claims but they back it up with video.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is coming to store shelves today for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.