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Must-Play Games This Week – A Way Out


It’s been weeks since we’ve had a must-play video game but here we are, back for more.

Remember the charming Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, where you controlled the two titular siblings at the same time? Its director Josef Fares is working on a similar game titled A Way Out, a prison break type of game.

And guess what? It’s coming out today.

Gameplay trailer

Unlike Fares’ other creation, A Way Out is a split-screen co-op game with no single-player mode. Here’s a sneak peak at how it plays:


So here are some of the game’s features:

  • You play A Way Out with a friend either locally or online. And yes, it’s entirely split-screen.
  • Control either Leo or Vincent, break them out of prison, and continue their journey together beyond it.
  • The story is told simultaneously. There will be times when one can control their character, while the other watches a cutscene.
  • Some of the shenanigans you’ll do together: car chases, fights, shootouts, and sneaking around.

It’s not common to see a game like A Way Out. Plus, Fares really impressed us the last time with Brothers, which remains quite unique to this day.

A Way Out is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.