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New Technology – Owl is making a new kind of car security camera


An ex-Apple engineer is changing how the car security camera works. By combining a dashcam and a camera aimed at the car’s interior, the Owl device hopes to make vehicles safer.

But unlike the typical dashboard camera, Owl has an LTE connection that lets you access 24 hours of video. For power, it connects to the on-board diagnostics port. This means you can use the Owl car security camera on vehicles made as far back as the mid-1990s.

The device can also record videos at 1440p or 720p, and supports 480p live streaming.

Since the camera is always turned on (even when your car isn’t) and comes with LTE, it can also send you alerts when it detects activity. Here’s a quick overview of how Owl works:

The device is the first product out of Owl, a startup co-founded by its CEO Andy Hodge. Andy previously worked on the iPod at Apple, and spent some time at Microsoft and Dropcam as well.

The car security camera will set you back $299 and its LTE connectivity will cost $10 per month. Owl said it will introduce a bundle that costs $349, which includes the camera and one year of LTE service.

Just one question: who in their right mind leaves their dog in the car while they sip coffee in a café?