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New Technology – Project Linda turns your Razer phone into a laptop


Similar attempts

Take note: merging a phone with a laptop or tablet isn’t particularly new. Past efforts include:

  • Motorola’s Atrix Lapdock, which also combined phones and laptops back in 2011.
  • The ASUS Padfone, which allowed users in 2014 to dock their phones into a larger tablet.
  • Microsoft’s Continuum project made Windows Phones usable as a replacement to a laptop.

The problem with previous attempts is that they were either mediocre or not well thought out. The Atrix Lapdock, specifically, worked pretty well but it’s pricier than competing netbooks.

Factors to consider

Aside from fine-tuning the technology, Razer will also have to figure out a reasonable price tag for its laptop-shaped phone dock.

Another thing to consider: Razer has produced other concept devices in previous CES trade events. Like a multi-screen laptop and modular desktop. These, however, have yet to hit store shelves.

So while the idea of docking a phone into a laptop is intriguing, it’s not an assurance that Project Linda will ever be sold to people. Or that there’s a large enough audience for it.

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