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Gear Lust – Questions to Ask Before You Buy Running Shoes


Do you need a new pair of running shoes?

According to various research, running shoes usually have up to 500 miles in them, though this differs between brands. Other kits with simpler designs probably need to be changed after 300 miles.

Because of this, it’s important to maintain a record of your runs to know when it’s time to look for another pair.

What do you plan to use the shoes for?

You need to know how you’ve used your shoes in the past, and what you plan to use them for in the future.

New runners for instance (e.g. someone who’s preparing for their first half-marathon) may want to get a pair that gives good protection as they’re still getting used to running to reduce the chance of injury.

People who run 10-20 miles per week can be considered low-mileage runners, those who do 20-40 miles are medium-mileage runners, while those who go over 40 miles per week are high-mileage runners. The stability, cushioning, and durability you need depends on how far you go.

Do you need specialist shoes?

Our bodies and posture differ, and this can influence the type of running shoes we each need. Many sporting shoe stores offer a gait analysis, which involves running on a treadmill while the way you run is evaluated.

Most get by wearing any running shoe style they find comfortable, but others may need specific features like arch support. Ask for advice in your favorite sporting shoes store and try on plenty of shoes before buying.

What injuries have you had?

The type of injury you’ve had may help determine if the shoes you’re using have something to do with the issue and how new shoes can address it.

Make sure you err on the side of caution. It’s always better to wear a shoe with more structure and cushion, then gradually work your way into lighter, more flexible styles of shoes.