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Samsung Galaxy S9 impressions arrive

Galaxy S9

The speculations are over: the Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones are here. Over the weekend, various hands-on impressions discuss what’s new in Samsung’s next flagship.


First up is MKBHD, who talks about the device’s refinements. He’s particularly impressed with its variable-aperture lens. And who wouldn’t be? The Galaxy S9 is the first smartphone that uses one.

Gadget Match

Gadget Match focuses on the S9/S9+ camera features. This included the customizable emojis, slow motion, and selfie focus.

Erica Griffin

Longtime tech YouTuber Erica Griffin talks about the differences between the S9 and S9+. Like the other channels, Erica discusses the new camera features as well. The difference here is that Erica provides more details on each feature.

These impressions mean the review of the S9/S9+ is imminent so watch out.