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Sara Underwood is a legit geek and smokeshow


If you’ve ever watched G4’s Attack of the Show (which aired from 2015 to 2013), then you’ve probably heard of Sara Underwood. She’s the petite, perky and pretty blonde there. She’s no fake geek though; this girl is legit and has all the cosplay to prove it.

Quick Notes on Sara Underwood

Name: Sara Underwood
Description: Sara Underwood is a model, TV host, actress, and yoga buff.

Sara was Playmate of the Month in PlayBoy's July 2006 issue and later became Playmate of the Year in 2007. She also is a former host of G4's Attack of the Show.

Measurements: 35-24-34"
Height: 5'2"


Sara first appeared in Playboy October 2005. She was on the cover, holding a football and covered in body paint. She next appeared in July 2006 as Playmate of the Month.

When Sara became Playmate of the Year in 2007, she said she didn’t think she was “pretty enough”. Surprising, we know.

Here’s a fun fact to boost her crush-worthiness: Sara once competed in the Kunoichi competition in Japan, which is known in the U.S. as Women of Ninja Warrior. She won her first stage after leading three Japanese contestants who had backgrounds in athletics.

Today, Sara continues to model for Playboy and is a massive Instagram sensation with 8 million followers. It’s easy to see why.

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