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Someone made a DIY headphone jack for the iPhone 7


Apple’s decision to take out the iPhone 7’s 3.5mm headphone jack was one of its more controversial moves. It pushed iPhone owners toward Bluetooth, dongles, or Android phones.

The company’s supposed reason for removing the port? To allow for more space inside the device’s body. However, there’s proof that there really is room. A DIYer was actually able to put the headphone jack back on his own.

YouTuber Scotty Allen from the channel Strange Parts took up the challenge and documented his progress over the course of about a dozen weeks, ultimately achieving success.

How he added the iPhone 7 jack

There were a few bumps along the way, but he eventually arrived at a solution: take a Lightning-to-headphone dongle, deconstruct it, and embed it inside the iPhone along with a custom switcher chip that automatically flips the connection back and forth between the jack and Lighting port, depending on what’s plugged in.

Scotty’s success proves that there’s plenty of room inside the iPhone 7 for a headphone jack. Interestingly, this DIY solution is about twice as large as what Apple could manage. So yeah, Apple really just wanted to sell wireless headphones.

Take note, however, that there’s no sure way to tell whether Scotty’s add-on will hold up.

The easiest solution to this jack issue is to use Bluetooth headphones. But if you know how to tinker with electronics, and you’re not afraid to mess up your iPhone 7, you can follow Scotty’s lead. He’s actually making his custom switcher chip available for sale, though it’s more of a memento rather than a resource for doing the hack yourself.