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The Must-Play Game This Week – Middle-earth: Shadow of War


Enemies new and old

Here are some of the enemies to expect:

  • The Olog-hai are a form of troll hybrids. They’re lumbering yet smart trolls, described by developer Monolith as the elite soldiers of Mordor bred for battle. In Shadow of War, they often occupy roles as Warlords and their bosses, Overlords, and take charge of entire Fortresses themselves.
  • An update to the original game lets you import your worst enemy from Shadow of Mordor as part of the Nemesis Forge system. This brings in the highest ranked orc nemesis. It will give you your most loyal orc follower as well.
  • Alongside the new orcs and trolls, there are also new forms of Graug (from Shadow of Mordor), like fire and ice Graugs.
  • There are now Drakes, which are fire-breathing dragons you can mount should you unlock certain abilities. Imagine the chaos and death you can inflict on your enemies.
  • Remember the Nazgul? They’re in in Shadow of War too. They will serve as bosses, each requiring a different playstyle for you to use if you want to succeed.
  • Shelob will also be in the game, but she’s no spider. She’s a bit different this time.

Shadow of War DLC

At least two DLC expansions will arrive at some point after launch: The Blade of Galadriel and The Desolation of Mordor.

There are still no details regarding these, but we think The Blade of Galadriel might be an item you need to obtain and/or use. Or it could be more of a metaphorical title for Talion himself.

The Desolation of Mordor, meanwhile, is a huge question mark. It could refer to Talion impeding Mordor’s progress as a region through some large-scale disaster, slowing Sauron’s progress towards attacking the realm of Men. At least until Lord of the Rings.