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Thirst-Day 6th July 2017 – Flaming Dr Pepper


As its name suggests, the Flaming Dr Pepper is an actual flaming beverage that tastes like the Dr Pepper soda, except the titular drink isn’t included in the cocktail. Amazing? Yes indeed.

The concoction was first created by a Jim (Buzz) Belcher and Mike Connard in a Missouri nightclub named Sparky’s during the 1980s.

Like the Irish Car Bomb, the Flaming Dr Pepper is a bomb shot cocktail (think Boilermaker), which means it’s made by mixing two drinks – one of which is typically in a shot glass dropped into a larger glass containing another drink.

Here’s how a Flaming Dr Pepper is created:

Flaming Dr Pepper Ingredients

  • A shot glass
  • A pint glass
  • 3/4 shot Amaretto
  • 1/4 oz. (7.5 ml) Bacardi 151
  • 8 oz. (240 ml) beer
  • Matches


  1. Fill a shot glass 3/4 of the way with Amaretto, then pour a layer of 151-proof rum on top of the Amaretto. The 151-proof rum will allow you to light up the drink.
  2. Pour the 8-oz. beer into the pint glass.
  3. Light the 151-proof rum in the shot glass.
  4. Drop the flaming shot glass into the beer glass.


  • You should drink the Flaming Dr Pepper right away like other bomb shots.
  • If you do everything above correctly, the drink should taste like a Dr Pepper soda.