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Thirst-Day – How to make the classic Last Word cocktail


The Last Word is a gin-based pre-Prohibition cocktail. It’s like a long-lost family member who dropped out of sight for decades, then reappeared as a celebrity.

While the drink’s taste may vary depending on the ingredients used, it’s generally sweet and tangy (from the lime), and gives off a sharp kick.


The Last Word was first served at the Detroit Athletic Club’s bar in 1916. It cost 35 cents per drink, and at that time, it was clearly the most expensive beverage on the menu.

The cocktail then hung around for decades in bars and pubs throughout the country. It was even featured in Ted Saucier’s Bottoms Up book in 1951, but eventually faded into obscurity.

Somehow, the Last Word returned to prominence at the Zig Zag CafĂ© in Seattle during the mid-2000s, thanks to bartender Murray Stenson. Apparently, he was looking for a new cocktail and found a copy of Saucier’s book.

When Stenson served the drink, it became a hit and was essentially revived.