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Thirst-Day – How to make a French 75 cocktail


If you’re hankering for a citrusy beverage with considerable kick, you can’t go wrong with a French 75. It’s fizzy, tart, and refreshing, mainly because of its use of lemon juice, gin, and champagne.

Think of it as a Tom Collins, except instead of club soda, you use champagne.

French 75 history

The cocktail was first created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris by bartender Harry MacElhone. The drink was said to have a pretty nasty kick which felt like being shot with a French 75mm field gun.

While there have been similar cocktails from the 19th century, today’s version of the French 75 evolved during the 1920s. It was first mentioned as the “75” in the 1922 edition of the classic “Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails,” by Harry MacElhone.

Later that year, Robert Vermeire’s book “Cocktails: How to Mix Them” credits MacElhone as the drink’s creator, although the recipes were a bit different. MacElhone’s version used Calvados (an apple brandy), gin, grenadine, and absinthe. It was Vermeire’s recipe that used lemon juice.