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Thirst-Day – The Vieux Carré cocktail


When you say Vieux Carré, it usually refers to one of the following:

  • New Orleans’ French Quarter
  • Tennessee Williams’ stage play
  • Or the Vieux Carré cocktail

Since we’re all about quenching thirst, we’re focusing on the third. The Vieux Carré is a New Orleans cocktail that blends aromatic bitters, Bénédictine liqueur, sweet vermouth, rye whiskey, and cognac.


The cocktail was invented in the Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge, a revolving bar inside the historic Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter. Clearly, the cocktail was named using the French term of the district.

The drink first appeared in print back in 1937, specifically in Stanley Clisby Arthur’s classic Famous New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ‘Em. Today, the beverage is part of the Big Easy’s libational legacy.

Here’s what you’ll need to make one.