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What’s Hot This Week – Gamescom 2017


June is to E3 as August is to Gamescom, Europe’s largest gaming event.

This year, the trade show begins on August 22 for the press opens its doors to the public on August 23, and stays open until the 26th. If you’re not in Cologne for Gamescom, however, you can still catch it online. There will be live streams and announcements starting August 20.

What to expect

Since Microsoft already unveiled the Xbox One X earlier this year, it’s likely that there won’t be any major hardware announcements in Gamescom. We should expect a focus on software instead. Here are some of the highlights you should watch out for.


In Gamescom 2017, we expect Bethesda to make follow-up announcements from their E3 announcements, especially since several of these games will be released within the year.

This will probably include:

  • The upcoming Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, which is scheduled to release on September 15.
  • The Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim (particularly its Switch-specific features).
  • News regarding Wolfenstein II.
  • Updates on The Evil Within 2, Quake Champions, and Elder Scrolls Online.

CD Projekt Red

Expect CD Projekt Red to reveal more about Gwent, an upcoming card game from the Witcher universe (it’s also featured in the novels). The game’s developer has confirmed it will be hosting a tournament at Gamescom, which will have players compete for a piece of a $25000 prize.

CD Projekt Red will also reveal its plans for making Gwent an official eSport.