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10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards You Will Never Have


When the wealthy reach a certain point in their financial status they attract attention. And we don’t mean the attention of the cameras or press, we mean banks. Big banks. Being ‘invited’ to have one of these exclusive credit cards from a bank can open doors and perks that average citizens otherwise wouldn’t ever have access to.

We’ve ranked the top 10 exclusive credit cards for you; that range from the generally hard to get, right through to the elite 5% of the population “who is that guy” BOSS credit cards. Enjoy.

1. The Merrill Accolades American Express Card

The Merrill Accolades American Express Card  | 10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards

To get anywhere near these exclusive credit cards, you must first be a client of the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Division. You also can’t apply for this card as it is by invitation only. The signature gold bull Merrill Lynch logo sits on top of a shimmering matte black card. With a spending limit of $500,000 and an annual limit of just $295, this is a pretty good card with many perks such as hotel discounts, Sentient Jet private membership and 24/7 concierge service.

2. The NatWest Black MasterCard

The NatWest Black MasterCard  | 10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards

This is a BOSS credit card. With a very generous spending limit of $1.5 million, this is one of the most rare and exclusive credit cards in the world to obtain. This card is respected among the powerful and wealthy with its large spending limit and a small annual limit of $395. Perks include flight upgrades, travel accommodation and 24/7 concierge as just some of many. It also looks damn nice.

3. VISA Infinities

VISA Infinities  | 10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards

Outside of continental US, you’ll find the VISA Infinite credit cards are popular with countries such as Russia, South Africa, Canada and France. This is an ultra-exclusive credit card to those who qualify. There’s a catch though. A general requirement to obtain the card is that customers must have six-figures in their account plus pay an annual fee. Many perks include the standard concierge services, dining at five star restaurants and shopping at high-end stores.

4. The Citigroup Black Chairman Card

The Citigroup Black Chairman Card | 10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards

Having millions in the bank won’t get you access to this credit card. Being on the Citigroup’s private bank and investment divisions board will. A mere 5% of the population will ever have a chance to place this in their wallets. With a $300,000 credit limit and a $500 annual fee, this is more of a status defining card and not so much about big purchases. All the standard perks included.

5. The World Silk Card by Coutts

The World Silk Card by Coutts | 10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards

For starters, this is the royalty’s credit card of choice. Queen Elizabeth II and around 100 others hold a World Silk credit card. To qualify, you must have over $1 million held in a Coutts account. But beware, the annual percentage rate is a huge 49.1%. It comes with all the standard perks including private shopping experiences in designer stores across Europe, talk about exclusive credit cards.

6. The Santander Black Brazilian MasterCard

The Santander Black Brazilian MasterCard | 10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards

There’s just 3000 of these exclusive credit cards in circulation in Latin America. This credit card is offered by invite only from the Santander Group’s private bank. No one still yet knows how much one must have in their accounts to qualify. Perks include private jet discounts, worldwide lounge airport access and a 24/7 concierge all for a small annual fee of $349. A rare card.

7. The Stratus “White” Rewards Visa Card

The Stratus White Rewards Visa Card | 10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards

This bright white credit card is not your usual high-end looking black style card but it sure does pack a punch in terms of the best perks on offer. Available only through invitation to high-net-worth consumers, the Stratus card allows members to access the rewards with other cardholders and pool points together. This means flight hours on private jets can become more accessible and easier to obtain. With a $1,500 annual fee, it’s not cheap; but then again these exclusive credit cards aren’t aimed at the cheap market!

8. The JP Morgan Chase Palladium Card

The JP Morgan Chase Palladium Card | 10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards

This credit card, albeit among the very best out there, happens to also look the best. Made from laser-etched palladium and gold, this card is only for those who hold a relationship with the JP Morgan private bank or wealth management unit. With an annual fee of $595 and an unlimited spending limit, this card is very sought after among investment bankers. The rewards program is excellent with every dollar spent equating to two points in the rewards program. After you blow $100k, you automatically get 35,000 rewards points. Snap.

9. The Dubai First ROYALE MasterCard

The Dubai First ROYALE MasterCard | 10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards

Ok this card is insane. If you want a serious wow factor in a credit card, this is it. The Dubai Royale card has the top and left edges of the card trimmed in gold. In the middle sits a 0.235-carat diamond in the face of the card. After all, this bank houses cash of the world’s richest sultans and princes from UAE so a fitting credit card had to be created. With the card also comes amazing perks. Each cardholder is appointed a “lifestyle manager” whose purpose is to fulfill the cardholder’s every wish. There is no credit limit and members can spend as much as they desire. To get this exclusive credit card, it is by invite only from Chief Executive of Dubai First, Ibrahim al Ansari.

10. The American Express Centurion Card

The American Express Centurion Card | 10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards

This is the rarest, most exclusive credit card on the planet. American Express has worked tirelessly to keep a shroud of secrecy around this card. Details are scarce as to the exact requirements for qualification besides the fact of even being invited are. Rumors over the past 5 years have circulated around the conditions; such as having already been an American Express Platinum card holder for over a year. Then, you must have already of charged $250,000 to that card in under a year. Before you’re invited, you’re then slapped with a $5,000 initial upfront fee and a further $2,500 annual fee. And the perks? Well, let’s just say they’re the best out there. Access to flight upgrades, complimentary penthouse accommodation, personal shoppers and assistants and a 24 hr concierge that can be called on at a moment’s notice.

This card also grants the holder the ability to close down a luxury retail store so you can shop as long as you wish in complete privacy. This is the ultimate credit card but remember, you better pay it back.

Honorable Contender. The BOSS ROYAL “Luxuria” Credit Card

The BOSS ROYAL Luxuria Credit Card | 10 Rare and Exclusive Credit Cards

This exclusive credit card will blow you away. Released in 2014, this card is more than a credit card. Besides the unlimited spending limit, a small $400 annual fee and amazing perks, this card also entitles the holder to a once in a lifetime trip to the stratosphere in the Virgin Galactic upon receivership. Perks include invitations to behind the scenes sets of major films, a private dinner with an A-Lister of their choice and a rare tour of Fort Knox’s reserve vaults. To qualify, members must be able to speak a different language, having contributed to a charitable cause for over five years and aspire to reach the peak of BOSS ROYAL lifestyle.

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