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6 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

6 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World | Boss Royal

Below we compiled the 6 most dangerous jobs in the world (in our opinion). There’s literally thousands of dangerous jobs in the world. We left being an elite special forces commando out for a reason, that’s obviously dangerous. But what about the occupations that people have to do to keep our way of life as we know it ticking along? 

We know what you’re saying… ‘well fuck, someone has to do it?!’. The jobs below really standout to us due to the sheer fact that the chances of something really bad happening are very high.

Helicopter High Voltage Repair Technician

This is a crazy job. Imagine working on a live, high-power voltage line while dangling from a helicopter. The biggest risk? Poor judgement from the helicopter pilot could make the linesman fall into live lines creating an arc of charged amperage which could then fry you, the helicopter, the pilot and potentially innocent people below.

Mine Workers (3rd world countries especially)

You’ve heard plenty of survival stories about mine workers miraculously surviving days, weeks and even months underground. There are so many hazards in this job that the endless safety precautions are never enough. Dangers include cave-ins, gas explosions, equipment failure, chemical leakage, electrocution and fires. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Oil Rig Workers

Dangerous not only for the occupational hazards such as slips, mechanical failures, weather conditions and fire but more so for the fact of pressurized explosions from oil drilling. Given the remote location and the delay in emergency services reaching you in time before the entire oil platform explodes into a sweet crude mess, you’re best to stay well clear.

6 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World Oil Rig Workers

Skyscraper Window Cleaning

Without these brave workers cleaning the office buildings of the world’s companies, we wouldn’t be able to look down and laugh. This job requires a love for adrenaline and zero fear of heights. The UK holds the highest number or injuries and fatal falls from this occupation (reported) and that’s with the westerner’s safety precautions all in place.

Old Fashioned Lumber-jacking

Like most jobs, time is against you here. You need to work fast, hard and yield a high output ratio if you’re to make any money in this industry, safety aside. A lot of the logging and work takes place on steep hills which come with fast winds, hidden roots and falling branches, wildlife and extreme conditions. Whilst this industry is heavily safely regulated, the chances of becoming a statistic are still high.

Truck Drivers

No amount of training can prepare you for driving a 30 tonne payload through a winding sleet laden mountain pass. The world of truck driving has all the odds against you, sleep deprivation, driving ability and judgement not to mention dealing with the other unknowns coming your way. Ready for a rest? Oh, did you forget about unsafe rest stops far away from authority leaving you open to muggings? Damn.