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8 Outrageous Gifts for Ballers


Eight Gifts for Ballers

With Christmas just around the corner, what would be more fitting than a list of lavish luxuries? We’ve all heard of the sumptuous super-yachts of Roman Abramovich, the plush properties of Oprah Winfrey and the classy car collection of the Beckham’s but I guarantee you’ve never heard of some of these high-end toys and gadgets.

1) Porsche Design Advent Calendar


The German car manufacturer, Porsche have designed a very suave Calendar for the lead up to Christmas. For those of you with deep pockets it may be very appealing, as it doesn’t come cheap, $1 million to be exact.

The two metres tall box is made of fine-brushed aluminum and is real eye candy to wealthy consumers. But, the overwhelming exterior is not the sweetener- it’s the inside that counts. With each date revealing a better gift from 18-carat gold sunglasses and Porsche Design cufflinks to a new kitchen and motor yacht.

Behind the 24 windows, you can also drool over finding a gold, Porsche Design watch and the most expensive running kicks money can buy. To discover the rest of the treats, I guess you need to find a seven-figure cheque and fast, as there are only five on sale.

2) Zeal Optics Z3 goggles

Zeal Optics Z3 goggles

Zeal Optics specializes in high-end, high-tech ski goggles. They are aiming to create a new breed of eyewear for the slopes, and where better to start than inserting a series of Recon Instruments into a pair of ski goggles. Unsurprisingly, this winter gadget doesn’t come with an easy price tag; ranging from $450-$650.

The instruments provide real-time performance statistics to skiers such as, a GPS, speed, distance and altitude indicators.

The goggles have a small re-charging port and although all these devices sound chaotic, they are smartly packaged in a small screen on the bottom, right side of the lens.

3) Breitling Emergency II Watch

This handy little watch is very suitable for getting out of dodge. This Breitling watch must be the most convenient gadget for an emergency scenario. Within the titanium body of the watch, is a micro transmitter equipped with a built-in personal locator beacon that operates on an international satellite alert system.

To activate the emergency beacon, two metal chords must be pulled out on either side of the watch face and upon activation a rescue team will rapidly be dispatched to your exact location.

The first Emergency model was pitched particularly to Aircraft pilots or military personnel, as a way of avoiding a life-threatening scenario. Upon creation of the II model a larger audience was kept in mind, from explorers to scientists. Now it boasts being the ‘vanguard of electronics’ whilst blending it with a James Bond flare.

However, a potentially life-saving tool like this doesn’t come cheap, triggering the beacon alone is a fine of $10K and upwards. The full price amounts to around $22K.

4) The Tonino Lamborghini Antares

IPhone, blackberry, Nokia, Samsung- all these are popular contenders for the most prevalent mobile phone on the market. Though who would of thought that Italian car Manufacturer Lamborghini would be trying to cut their share from the smartphone boom.

The phone they have created is very striking with its bold edges and use of stainless steel and leather. It has a 4” screen, which is considered the perfect size for one-handed use. To preserve its ‘elegance’ its screen is covered with scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass. Other specs include its 2GB Ram that makes it ideal for gaming and video and its Android Jellybean operating system.

It has clearly been created with the utmost finesse, made to represent the early Tonino cast. Its looks are not deceiving as it costs a hefty $4546.90.

5) Space Barley Beer

Space Barley Beer

$130 may not seem that high-priced compared to other items on this list. However, as far as beer goes $130 for a 6-pack is astronomical. Strangely that’s the point, as it comes from space.

In 2006, Japanese and Russian scientists decided to test the growth conditions of barley in space. Meanwhile a Japanese brewer, Sapporo keenly watched to see if the Barley would return to earth successfully. After five-months in orbit it did just that and Sapporo purchased the remaining seeds. He fermented them into a profitable beer that was one of a kind, naming it Space Barley.

A unique gift perfectly suited to fit in a Christmas stocking.

6) SeaBreacher X watercraft


Ever wondered why your boat shed looks so bare? I mean everyone has a speedboat and a couple of jet skis (I mean who hasn’t?!) So why not update your shed with the Ultimate Diving Machine.

The Sea Breacher watercraft speeds around both on the surface and down, below. From both seats, passengers can gaze out of the enclosed cockpit while it pulls acrobatic stunts! Yes, stunts… the Sea Breacher is capable of bursting through the surface of the water so fast that it can literally take off for a short while and if that isn’t cool enough, it’s shaped like a giant shark!

However, you might want to think twice about buying a shark that has more horsepower than the top road bike, or a better power-to-weight ratio than any going Porsche or Maserati, as the asking price starts at $90,000.

7) Cuelight Pool Table

Ever ran out of ideas of things to do on your ipad? Well Designers in New York have found a solution to ease your pain… so long as your sitting on a stash of cash. The answer is a state-of-the art pool table.

This fancy pool can be turned into a backdrop for an interactive art display. From the touch of your ipad, all different settings can be altered from brightness to rippling water or fire effects.

Fluid animations from a ceiling projector respond to the movements of the pool balls on the table. Perfect for adding some style to your bachelor pad at a price of $91,994

8) Game of Thrones Throne


From George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series A Song of Ice and Fire came HBO’s medieval Fantasy epic Game of Thrones. It is a series that has swept across the world, becoming HBO’s most popular TV Show ever. It’s set in many realms, filmed all over the world and has a very admirable cast.

The Iron Throne is one of the most significant props as it is the one desired entity of almost all the leading characters. Not only is it hugely valuable in terms of the power it holds, but it is an iconic piece of furniture… so why not put it in your lounge?!

Until recently it has only existed in a fantasyland, but now the life-size fiberglass replica can be yours. Though you’d need to be a very dedicated fan to spend $36,000 on a replica.

Christmas is coming…


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