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A Pirates Tribute to a legend


It’s a little heart warming to hear that last week’s most popular pirated downloads all featured the late Robin Williams. His death has clearly been felt internationally, skyrocketing his movies and tribute collections to the top 100 torrents on the illegal pirating website The Pirate Bay.

The search term “Robin Williams Pirate Bay” also spiked on Google following his death on the 11th of AugustGoogle Trends reports how often particular search-terms are queried relative to all searches across the world. We used the tool to do some interesting digging.

Live data from Google Trends:

The fan-made tribute torrent “RIP Robin Williams Movie Collection” (featuring 42 of his films) is sitting at position 10 on The Pirate Bay’s most downloaded for the week. Amongst the most downloaded were Hook, Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam and Good Will Hunting.

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