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An Hour with Alyssa Smith


We learned two things when Alyssa Smith took time to catch up with BOSSROYAL. 1). This girl isn’t your standard O.C. West Coast babe and 2). she’s damn close to a Bond 007 girl. Model, actress, entrepreneur; Alyssa is taking on the world, one hot photo-shoot at a time.

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So, you’re a model, an entrepreneur and clearly like the beach, but what’s a normal day in the life of Alyssa Smith like?

I have a pretty varied lifestyle. I frequent between LA and Miami but when in Miami I like to sleep in, followed by a personal training session, that is if I have no where to be. After that I usually head over to South Beach for castings which usually take place in all the nice hotels. All the clients fly in here from all over the world to the most luxurious hotels, really nice hotels. When my castings are done, I hit the beach for paddle boarding or just relax with friends. The days I don’t have a casting on I usually focus on my body and work out.

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Sounds like a really tough life. OK you’re in Miami at the moment, the nightlife is amazing there, what do you get up to on your nights off?

*laughs* I’m usually on my best behavior here because if I have a casting the next day, there’s nothing and I mean NOTHING worse than showing up hungover. A lot of models get in trouble showing up to set looking like hell, trust me, the agency can tell. I’ve done that in the past, it’s like being hungover in the airport, it’s a painful situation to be in.  I’ve had my fair share of moments but I’m more of a healthy lifestyle girl now. When I pick my battles I really enjoy myself but 90% of the time I’d rather not roll in at 5am holding my heels. It still won’t stop me watching Lil’ Wayne spin and enjoying myself.

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So on the topic of modelling, do you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next 007 babe?

Funny you should say that, I was doing Funny or Die with the french girl from the last bond film and we had to act out a lesbian ‘encounter’. She kissed me and it was the first time I had been kissed by anyone in 2 or 3 months because I broke up with my boyfriend… it was pretty good, she even took my bra off. But back to the question, oh I’ve got what it takes.

And beyond Miami where do you want this modelling career to take you?

I really want to explore Australia and Europe of course. I’ve got a Capsule Design line coming out in July and Australia is a huge market because you guys have long hot summers. Australia has a great swim culture, you’re very lucky!


You mentioned before you went through a break up recently, how’s single life treating you?

It’s interesting. I mean, since being single I’ve had the opportunity to grow more as a person and travel and do what I want. I guess timing is everything right?

And what about the 007 Bond girl?

Ha! Nothing was going to happen there but you know… I’m open.

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We can come back to that one, but up until now, what’s been your greatest achievement?

As cheesy as it sounds, finding balance in my life and I’m happy I’m a good person. I’m grounded and people may think I’m superficial but really I’m not. I’m proud I got my degree in collage even though I was offered contracts to model in Milan. I got my BA in Entertainment Communications which is great because most models don’t have a degree at all! Since my swimwear line (www.shlaerswim.com) ideas it’s really helped me to pinpoint what I want out of it.

What about the run in with Vince Vaughn at Couple’s Retreat? How was that?

This was a great experience and quite a fluke. My agency sent me and I didn’t even have a resume for the casting. I guess my body was my resume on the day! I didn’t tell my parents and skipped school to take the opportunity. I got offered the role and working with Vince and his team has been a highlight in my career so far. He is hilarious!

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Less serious, more fun, If you were driving alone on an open road in the middle of the Nevada Desert, what would be thrashing on your stereo?

Nothing beats a good Summer Hits 90’s compilation, I won’t lie. Last time I drove from LA to Miami I was switching between Montell Jordan and then into some Sky Fierra then into 60’s, I was all over the place!

On our travels to America we came across the drink called Four-Loko… do these two words mean anything to you?

To be honest I’ve only had it once, this photographer was drinking them while we were shooting in the desert. After a couple of sips I felt really weird, I’ve never really had it but I’ve heard bad things….

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Yes, we learnt quickly that it’s a drink that can slap you around. If Four-Loko approached you to be their international ambassador and face of the brand would you be interested?

You need a crazy bitch to do that. I wouldn’t do it even for a tonne of money, people die from drinking that stuff! It’s a bad drink. *lot’s of laughter* Hell no.

Alyssa, what does the word ‘BOSS’ mean to you?

I think it’s power. A person in charge of their own life. If a woman is BOSS, it’s a strong sign of independence I think. I drop ‘like a boss’ quite a lot. I mean, BOSS means best of the best right?

Can you be our BOSSROYAL West Coast representative?

Done. Of course, you guys have it going on, the world needs more BOSS.

Thanks Alyssa, you’re officially BOSS certified.

Thanks for having me guys! Peace.

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Alyssa Smith – The Stats

Height – 5’8.5″ / 173CM
Bust – 33 B / 84CM
Hips – 34″ / 86CM
Eyes – GREEN
Insta – @alyssajulyasmith
FB – facebook.com/alyssa.julya
Images used with permission, Alyssa Smith Instagram